1. Make a joyful noise

    We love praising the Lord!  Come sing in the Chapel Choir or help support our Praise Team.

  2. Find your ministry

    Our people love to serve! Find your "special place."

  3. Join a small group. Enjoy the intimacy and friendships that come from these.

Chapel of The Hills in Buchanan Dam



CHAPEL OF THE HILLS has long been known as a friendly, caring group of people.    The church has experienced rapid growth, as people have discovered a sense of belonging, of being much more than a name on a list.


There are only five things that a church must do, and do well.  We take all five of them seriously:


Worship.  Our prayer is that people will leave our services knowing they have been with God.  Everything we do, from enthusiastic singing to special presentations, is put together with one purpose:  to draw you close to the Lord.


Evangelism.  How do you reach out to people in 2013?  Our goal is to offer answers to the tough questions people face.  Very often people are drawn to Chapel because of relationship.  We want Chapel to be known as a place where people can find the Lord without intimidation or embarrassment.  "Life Group" is an awesome way to meet people in a family setting.


Teaching/Discipleship.  Our small Sunday School family groups are led by experienced, qualified teachers, who have spent years in God’s word.  In addition, our Bible Study/Teaching ministry seeks to dig deep into scripture, offering three different special studies each week.

Fellowship:   We do this one really well! Our people love to laugh and play together, often hanging out long after a service is over. We’ll use any excuse to throw a party...


Ministry:  We earnestly desire for your needs to be met.  Prayer, counseling and shoulders to cry on are available anytime.