Chapel of the Hills - Classes and Groups 2017-2018

CHILDREN:  Lisa Holley leads our class for children, and the church is developing a new area for her to use.  Our children’s ministry is “hands-on” with lots of crafts and fun activities, but always on a solid biblical foundation.

YOUTH:  Our Youth Minister MITCH LASSETER  leads a fun Bible discussion on Sunday mornings, as part of the overall Youth Ministry program.  The mid-week Youth Gathering takes place on Wednesday evenings (6:00pm - Dinner included).

MEN’S CLASS:  “We don’t teach them:  they teach us...”  A high-spirited discussion group that takes Bible issues along with current events and seeks biblical solutions.

JOY CLASS:       Ladies class for all ages.  Their study is characterized by deep scripture knowledge and application.  The class is well known for its support of various mission and ministry causes.

OVERCOMERS:  One of the longest-lasting Sunday School classes to be found!  Class members have truly “overcome” many challenges and enjoy a vibrant, loving fellowship.  God’s word is joyfully shared and ministry experiences flow from this group.

HOWDY CLASS:  “Informal” is the word.  It started as a discussion group around the coffee machine and has kept the feel of friends gathered around for a cup.  Someone has something to share and the discussion goes from there!

SPECIAL FRIENDS:  Chapel of the Hills has a deep love for women who have lost their husbands.  From this has come a brand-new class led by two outstanding Bible teachers.  The love, sharing and ministry both from and to this group is amazing.

"FROG PUSH":  Directed by Will Gilliam, this is not a class but a "Special Ops Unit."  With this group, people will be challenged to grow into the warriors Christ intended, to prepare for future challenges and to help wake up a sleeping American society.  Includes training to become a leader of such a group in the future.

JOURNEY CLASS:  A mixture of both deep Bible study and active mission, Journey Class seeks to involve participants in active community outreach projects along with discussion times and social gatherings.  The class is known for its diversity of people, their passion for life and their desire to make a difference.

"IT TAKES THREE":   Jeremy and Amanda Hill have begun a new Bible Study for parents and others, located upstairs in our "Family" area.  They are off to a great start with the "Song of Solomon" study.

“FAMILY” GROUP:  Meeting on special times throughout the year (and at different locations), this group involves the whole family in Bible Study, service projects and training for various skills.  Other classes may participate with us in some projects.